Berwick upon Tweed

Berwick upon Tweed is a small town situated on the dramatic Northumberland Coast and only 2.5 miles south of the Scottish border. Boasting a rich and colourful history this border town has changed hands between the Scots and the English no less than 13 times and is still officially at war with the Russians.

Berwick may be small but it attracts visitors from far and near each year who come to explore its vibrant history, enjoy its golden beaches, stroll round its city walls and take in all the charm and culture that this fine Northumberland town has to offer.

This wonderful Northumberland town features some jaw dropping architecture from its Elizabethan Ramparts, its striking Barracks, to Berwick Parish Church which was built in 1650 under the Commonwealth of Oliver Cromwell and famously houses a pulpit erected for John Knox during his stay in the town.

Four exquisite bridges span the River Tweed, the Royal Border Bridge designed by Robert Stephenson connects the East Coast Mainline Railway between Edinburgh and Newcastle, the Royal Tweed Road Bridge, the quaint Old Bridge and the Union Bridge which is located 5 miles upstream and is the world's oldest surviving suspension bridge.

Berwick upon Tweed has a broad range of shops to choose from and its High Street is home to many top names such as Boots, WH Smith and New Look. However away from the hustle and bustle you will find a fabulous range of independent and specialist shops which sell everything from handmade jewellery, Northumberland antiques to tasty local treats, or venture a little further to discover the local farm stores that the surrounding countryside has to offer.

From the abandoned lighthouse on the end of the pier to the tall chimney that dominates Spittals seafront, this Northumberland town is blessed with a marvellous range of distinctive landmarks which makes walking around the town so interesting. Take a stroll round the commanding town walls, explore all the nooks and crannies that it boasts, or simply stand high up on the ramparts and take in the glorious views of the menacing North Sea.

On a clear day gaze over into the distance and marvel at the home of Christianity in Northumberland – Lindisfarne, the magnificent Bamburgh Castle and the idyllic Farne Islands where grey seals and numerous endangered birds can be seen.

The rugged cliff faces and glistening beaches of Spittal, which lie to the south of this Northumberland town, are particularly beautiful at sunset when the golden colours of the deepening sun shimmer of the glistening sand and breaking waves. Along with its breathtaking coastal views and traditional seaside attractions - Spittal is Berwick upon Tweed's Blackpool and very popular amongst holidaymakers. L.S Lowry was particularly fond of the area and visited the region many times in the 1930's.

Lowry famously stayed at The Castle Hotel next to the railway station and painted many of Berwick's most popular and iconic sights. Today you can pick up the Lowry Trail and visit the places that inspired him, but you don't have to be an art lover to enjoy this charming 3 mile walk as it also takes in much of the towns most beautiful and interesting areas.

As one of the most inviting and inspiring places in the country, this Northumberland town has it all from a brutal and bloody history, world renowned architecture, golden beaches, picturesque countryside, wonderful shopping, traditional bars, chic coffee shops, medieval battlefields, a warm Northumberland atmosphere and a vibrant border culture. Berwick upon Tweed is unique and a town to be really proud of.

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