Holy Trinity First School

01289 306142
Bell Tower Place
Berwick upon Tweed
TD15 1NB
Recognising its historic foundation, the school will preserve and develop its religious character in accordance with the principles of the

Church of England and in partnership with the Church at Parish and Diocesan level.

Through faith and Christian values our aims are:

• To provide an education of the highest quality within the context of Christian belief and practice.

• To engender moral values and a sense of right and wrong. To foster attitudes that are based on honesty, trust, tolerance, understanding and respect for others that develop from a sense of self worth.

• To develop each child’s self esteem.

• To inspire care, concern and respect for themselves, for each other, parents, staff and people within our school and community.

• To provide meaningful Christian worship through which children will gain an understanding of their Christian heritage.

• To foster broadly based Christian values through the school ethos and teaching.

• To encourage children to grow in their own faith and through that come to respect and understand other faiths and other ways of life.