St Cuthberts RC First School

01289 307785
Prince Edward Road
TD15 2EX
St Cuthberts RC First School is a small school with three classes; our early years unit caters for 15 reception children and up to 15 nursery children in the morning and afternoon, class 2 caters for year 1 and year 2 children and class 3 caters for year 3 and year 4 children. We are very proud that visitors often remark on the happy, family atmosphere that exists here.

As a Catholic school we are unique in that prayer, worship, Gospel values and the celebration of Mass are central to our school life, as we strive to allow everyone in our school community to find true meaning and value in their life.

We believe in the experience of our community being centred on the person and teaching of Jesus, where our children are nurtured within a warm, loving environment to allow their potential to flourish. Children are helped to develop an awareness of their rights and responsibilities and consequences for their actions.

Here at St Cuthbert's we live out our mission statement

'In God's family, we love, we grow, we learn' in all our actions and words.